Research Articles

Perceptions of Local Demographics ​

Assessing Contextual Measurement Strategies (with Grace Wong), Journal of Politics


Are Citizens Receiving the Treatment? Assessing a Key Link in Contextual Theories of Public Opinion and Political Behavior (with Benjamin Newman, Todd Hartmann, and Alexa Bankert), Political Psychology 

Group Size vs. Change? Assessing Americans’ Perception of Local Immigration (with Benjamin Newman), Political Research Quarterly 

The Political Psychology of Contextual Effects

Nothing to Fear? Anxiety, Numeracy, and Demographic Perceptions (with students in my 2017 Political Science by the Numbers class at Wesleyan), Research & Politics


Racial Diversity and the Dynamics of Authoritarianism (with Howard Lavine), Journal of Politics

Ethnic Change, Personality, and Polarization over Immigration in the American Public (with Christopher Johnston and Benjamin Newman), Public Opinion Quarterly


Demographic Change, Immigration, and Ethnic Politics

Residential Mobility Constraints and Immigration RestrictionismPolitical Behavior


Tuning In, Not Turning Out: Evaluating the Impact of Ethnic Television on Political Participation (with Benjamin Newman), American Journal of Political Science


Diversification of a Different Kind: Gentrification and Its Impact on Social Capital and Political Engagement in Black Communities (with Benjamin Newman and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz), The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 

Experimental Methods

Placebo Selection In Survey Experiments: An Agnostic Approach, Political Analysis (with Ethan Porter)

Political Behavior​ 

Sandy the Rainmaker: The Electoral Impact of a Superstorm (with David Martin), PS: Political Science & Politics 

Independent Leaners: Ideals, Myths, and Reality (with Helmut Norpoth), The Forum

Working Papers
Factual Corrections Eliminate False Beliefs about Covid-19 Vaccines (with Ethan Porter and Thomas Wood)

The Political Consequences of Ethnically Targeted Incarceration: Evidence from Japanese-American Internment During WWII (with Mayya Komisarchik and Maya Sen)

Analyze the Attentive and Bypass Bias: Mock Vignette Checks in Survey Experiments (with John V. Kane and Jason Barabas)


How will Florida’s Cuban Americans vote? That’s more complicated than many believe, The Monkey Cage (Washington Post)